BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co


Founded in 1977 by Mssrs Bosner and Walter, BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG has been a top supplier in the thriving sector of electrosurgery since 1987, thanks to its innovative strength and know-how.

Today, BOWA has a staff of 600, generating a turnover of more than € 40 million. Its high-class products – all made in Germany – have an excellent global reputation.

Supplying a full range of HF surgical instruments and accessories, BOWA is a successful international player on the sophisticated electrosurgical market: BOWA products are used all over the world.




For more than 30 years, ConvaTec has created innovative products and offered services that have improved the lives of patients. Company brands in the stoma care, wound treatment and skin care is recognized worldwide and continue to be competitive on the international market. The company's success comes from three main areas behind the company: a strong and solid heritage, passion for improving the lives of patients and vision can be.



Molnlycke Health Care

Founded in 1998, Molnlycke Health Care is a world leader in providing solutions and single use surgical products for wound care.

Surgical Division offers tranquility in the operating room by providing a range of products such as surgical drapes, gowns, surgical gloves without powder, antiseptic products and more, brands are: BARRIER ®, Biogel ®, HibiAntisepticsTM and ProcedurePak ®.

Wound care division offers a gentle and effective care and healing through a unique range of products based on technology Safetac ® (soft silicone layer) which includes Mepilex ® and Mepitel ®, along with suction or surgical dressings fixation (eg Mepore ®).

The division has also produced its portfolio compression, dermatology and orthopedics, as well as products for difficult healing wounds (Xelma ® - extracellular matrix protein).




Mindray was founded in 1991 in Shenzhen, China, with a mission to provide medical devices of the highest quality and competitive prices so that medical care has become accessible to everyone. In the last 17 years, the company has become a leading and developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices in China, but proved an international presence in ballooning.

Mindray currently offers more than 40 products in three segments including monitoring devices and life-support patients, in-vitro diagnostic instruments and ultrasound.




Biosintex was founded in 2002, remains so far the only domestic manufacturer of surgical sutures.
Using raw materials providers certified by international quality standards, suture materials produce a wide range of types and sizes, in combination with or without needle.
Technical and quality parameters are tested throughout the manufacturing flow and the performance was dictated by the demands of our customers.
We also believe that good medical solution in terms of cost and quality.



Medline (Cardinal Health)

Cardinal Health made ​​its debut in 1971 when founder Robert D. Walter opened a small distribution center in Columbus, Ohio. In less than a decade the company has become a hub of regional importance, including entering the pharmaceutical market in 1979 with the acquisition of Zanesville drug dealer.

Over time nominee increased with the purchase of ten distributors of drugs and medical devices.

Today, Cardinal Health provides an integrated range of products and innovative services to accommodate the support of hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers to meet their demands and increasingly complex dynamics generated by the medical field.



Synovis Surgical Innovations

Synovis Surgical Innovations (a division of Synovis Life Technologies Inc.) Develops, manufactures and marketeaza deployable devices to reduce the risk of biomaterials critical operations that lead to beneficial outcomes for patients and lower costs. The Group develops, manufactures and extra marketeaza and surgical instruments.
Implementable in biomaterials products provides solutions and reduce the risks and costs associated with over 50 types of critical operations. These biomaterials are used to repair or replace damaged tissue and suture to support cardiac, vascular, neurological, Thracian, bariatric, general, etc.. Surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery is mainly the coronary and peripheral bypass.
Snovis Life Technologies Inc.. also includes Synovis Micro Companies Alliace branch that offers products and equipment for microsurgery on various specialties including plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedic surgery, the wrist, neck etc.




Specifications developed by COUSIN BIOTECH is the fruit of 150 years of experience in surgical implants.




Founded in 1998 in order to provide efficient solutions for medical, ASANUS company manufactures and supplies a complete range of instruments for open surgery and miniminvaziva for almost all medical disciplines: general surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, urology, gynecology , orthopedics, traumatology, maxillofacial surgery, microsurgery, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

Since its inception the company has built medical technology market a strong position of supplier of surgical instruments, this being maintained to date.




Vitalitec develops, manufactures and sells vascular, cardiovascular and endoscopic.

Its main strengths are the specialized tools and blocking vessels (both permanent and temporary), manufactured to the highest quality standards and distributed at reasonable prices.




Curan offers excellent quality products for intermittent catheterization and urology products.
In addition, the Company provides special attention to our support and information corespunzatorare underarm parties, for nurses, patients and distributors. Our support is for example represented by training specialized medical institutions. Also, we offer our distributors adequate knowledge and support to promote their products. You can download the operating instructions and brochures products on our website.




MMS products were placed on the medical market since 1988 and since then, our company has grown very quickly.
Our company philosophy is to be in constant contact with doctors and nurses from around the world.
Since our clients express different needs, MMS has developed flexible diagnostic systems, especially family SOLAR products. Want and even the most sophisticated system be easy to use.
Therefore, our systems are designed in modular format. With various modules, it is possible to create simple SITEMA, and drilled complex that can be used in hospitals for education and research, maintaining the operation of the system as simple as possible.




MEDISIZE company's strategy to produce materials and devices novatorii, brought us an excellent reputation worldwide and is recognized by clients in over 40 countries.
We have over 30 years experience in production of medical and pharmaceutical components of high quality flexible containers, subassemblies and finished products.
You can rely on us to take our full responsibility for a project even in case of short delivery date.




Redax develops, manufactures and sells thoracic drainage lines and automatic recovery of blood.

By combining experience with innovation, Redax became a top company founders continuing accumulated experience in "biomedical Valley" of Mirandola. Through continuous collaboration between physicians and engineers innovative capacity appeared to interpret the clinical requirements, finding concrete answers and creating technologies to make them possible.




CURAS is an international brand of disposable medical devices and medical supplies for hygiene.
CURAS brand is known globally for medical staff and our regional distributors, serving clinentii and final, recording a rapid increase in the use of medical devices.
Our company offers high quality products, altaturi a cost-optimal quality, focusing attention on the general medical care and incontinence products.
Our company motto is to provide quality products and adequate support to users.



Panther Healthcare

Founded in 2002, the company Panther Medical Equipment Co.., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and marketing of medical equipment, based in Beijing.
Since 2010, Panther has received financial support from SoftBank, and this was invested in R & D departments and production, which guaranteed a bright future for the company. In May 2011, Panther was awarded the certificate of "Company with leading technology," which earned him a reduction in taxes.
Panther Healthcare focuses on cutting-edge technology used in surgery. Based on R & D Service Department developed, characterized by the production of a very wide and complete range of surgical equipment, medical industry Panther Healthcare offers surgical solutions of high quality.
Today, the range of products offered by Panther Healthcare includes: mechanical suture, hernia mesh, sutures, surgical instruments and devices, which are widely used in general surgery, thoracic cardiovascular surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and many of surgical specialties.
Panther's employees are ready to provide professional support, both in terms of how efficient and optimal use of the products and in terms of their service.
Panther Healthcare became in time one of the most representative companies in the segment Industial surgical care, both nationally and internationally.