Reinforcement materials for the mechanical suture


Peri-Strips Dry

The Peri-Strips Dry® prosthetics of the suture line for the thoracic surgery is an excellent choice for a good control of the bleeding and of the draining from the suture line. The Peri-Strips products keep their position of market leader and have proven their efficiency in almost 40 studies.

Description of the product:
Peri-Strips Dry consists of two dry strips of biological tissue from dehydrated bovine pericardium and is manufactured with the Apex Processing® technology, an exclusive technology of Synovis Surgical Innovations. This procedure intensifies the intrinsic elasticity and resistance of the bovine pericardium, and offers at the same time an enhanced safety, performance and biocompatibility. It is mounted on a plastic unit, which facilitates the easy application of the strips on the stapler. Peri-Strips Dry is used in combination with the PSD gel, an adhesive hydrogel which is designed to create a temporary link between the strips and the surface of the surgical stapler.

Performance of the product:
- statistically proven that it makes a significant reduction of drains and bleedings;
- exceptionally low rate of adverse reactions: less than 0.01%;
- has been found to have a good incorporation rate of the host tissue and inhibits the calcification;
- reduces the hospitalization period in a proven manner.


Peri-Strips Dry with a Veritas colagen matrix

The Peri-Strips Dry® suture line prosthetics with Veritas® colagen matrix is a new remodelable product that brings a development in the suture line reinforcement technology. In order to develop this product, Synovis used both its 10-year Peri-Strips manufacturing expertise and its 4-year background of remodeling technology for the Veritas tissue.

Description of the product:
The Peri-Strips Dry® suture line prosthetics with Veritas is prepared from a dehydrated bovine pericardium, a material known for its excellent malleability and resistance. The remodelling technology of the Veritas tissue, patented by Synovis, preserves these characteristics when creating a product, which is biocompatible and />PThe Veritas-based Peri-Strips Dry uses the same mechanism as Peri-Strips Dry. Each unit contains two dry strips of biological tissue from dehydrated bovine pericardium, mounted on a plastic unit which facilitates the easy application of the strips on the stapler.

Performance of the product:
-biocompatible and acellular
- remodelable: allows the angiogenesis and the intracellular growth
-offers double resistance for drains and bleedings in comparison to non-reinforced suture lines
- over 40 clinical studies prove the efficiency of the Peri-Strips products within the thoracic and bariatric procedures
- over 700.000 Peri-Strips products sold at global level



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