Implants for sternal defects


Pectus excavatum represents a deformation of the sternum, which appears in approximately one in 1000 children. It is the most common type of congenital deformation of the sternal wall (90%). Every day approximately 349 persons are born with pectus excavatum. Such congenital deformation consists of a concave form of the sternum, which can determine a pressure on the vital organs, resulting in a restricted growth of the organs and in a respiratory insufficiency. Slightly present at birth, the pectus excavatum gets usually aggravated during childhood and reaches a peak during adolescence.

IIn the past, such deformation was corrected surgically by means of an invasive procedure, which involved the resection of cartilages and bones. It required four to six hours of surgery and could leave the patient with a more rigid sternum that usually. This procedure - called Ravitch - led to the loss of 300 cc’s of blood, while the Nuss procedure requires a loss of only 30 cc’s of blood or less. Dr. Donald Nuss, in cooperation with Biomet Microfixation developed a minimally invasive surgical procedure, as well as the Pectus Bar implant, which is used to remodel the sternal wall (during a period of 2-3 years). The Nuss procedure surgery lasts two hours and its result is immediately visible in what concerns the correction of the deformation.

Characteristics of the Pectus Bar implant for sternal defects:

  • The round and fine diced ends of the Pectus Bar implant do not allow the deterioration of the tissue during the insertion.
  • PPectus Bar is available in a variety of lengths, from 17.8 cm to 43.2 cm, in order to match the large majority of the procedures for correcting a pectus excavatum.
  • TAll instruments within the Biomet Microfixation Pectus System are designed to increase simplicity during the Nuss Procedure.
  • PThe Pectus System Storage Container conveniently houses the entire range of Biomet Microfixation implants and instruments.

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