About us

We were established in 1996 and we grew together with the Romanian medical devices and technology market. Over the past twenty years we have supported to physicians and have come up with proposals whereby to simplify the choices surgeons have in their operating rooms. We have developed comprehensive product and supplier ranges. At present, our group is specialised in the supply of consumables and equipment for the operating theatre and for the intensive care departments.

cubOver 1996-2007, we mainly supplied surgical suture material. Rombiomedica has distributed the products of world’s leading manufacturers of suture material and our own material too (produced by Biosintex, Rombiomedica’s sister company) and we have become business associates with the most important emergency hospitals, university hospitals, cardiology centres and universities, municipal and county hospitals in Romania.

Ever since we were first incorporated, 20 years ago, we initiated the promotion and the introduction of mechanical suture technologies, as well as the LigaSure technology for vascular sealing and radio-frequency by means of the ForceTriad energy platform. More than this, we focused on the supply of medical devices and technologies for minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery techniques.

Our main concern is to meet the requirements of physicians and to anticipate them as well, in circumstances where these requirements change constantly. To us, healthcare is about supplying top quality products against the best quality/price ratio, but it is also about identifying customized solutions that physicians need in order to solve the increasingly complex issues they face in their medical activity.

At the same time we tried to promote the cost-benefit, cost-efficiency and cost-affordability analyses in the medical practice and the usage of the latest medical technologies, thus improving the quality and the security of the surgical activity and lowering the total costs per treated patient.

Our desire is to comply with the requirements and expectations of our potential partners and to further create solid professional relationships which can enrich our own experience and our partners’ on a permanent basis, while staying tuned to the dynamics of technology and to the medical progress.

Our motto is "Partnership for life". As you certainly know, creating partnerships for life is no simple task. We will need a lot of work, commitment and resilience in order to reach our goal. We are confident that we can succeed, yet you are the first to know it!