Circular staplers


Circular staplers with diameters of 21/24/26/29/32/34 mm, presenting a tilt top anvil and staples with adjustable closing, from 4,3 mm to 5,0 mm.

Circular staplers apply a double row of titanium staples and are designed to be used for the termino-terminal anastomosis of soft tissues. The anvil of the instrument has a reduced profile for an easy extraction, with a straight profile of the rod and with audio feedback of the draw. Safety indicator of the draw on the handle of the instrument - safety interval and red marker. They are used mainly in the surgery of the upper digestive tract, in colorectal or obesity surgery, both with an open approach and with a laparoscopic approach. These staplers confer significant benefits for the surgeon and for the patient, while reducing the operation time, ensuring a good haemostasis and a reduction of the fluid drainage, with a minimum tissular trauma, having as a result the optimum healing of the tissue. (picture of a circular stapler).



  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Golden Sponsor Diploma
  • Diploma Sponsor de Platina

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