Pulsoximeter PM-60

PM-60 is a miniature device, quite light and capable of checking at a given moment or continuously the value of SpO2 and of the pulse. You can determine the capacities and the performance, based on the chosen operation mode. For the simple control of the vital signs you have the spot-check mode - in order to verify on the field the basic functions, including the self-allocation of the patient´s ID, the suppressing of the alarm status and the characteristics of auto standby and on/off. For a long term monitoring there is the continuous mode, which offers a manual introduction of the unique IDs of the patient, of the alarm management and the pleth wave display. In case the pulsoximeter varies from one day to the other, the PM-60 is the ideal choice.

  • Suitable for adults, children and neonatal.
  • Runs the Sp02 and measures the pulse at a given moment or continuously
  • Miniature design, impressively easy, making it easy to use in any place
  • Colour 2.4" LCD display which displays visibly the SpO2 and the pulse rate
  • The display luminosity is variable and allows saving of the battery energy
  • Audio and visual adjustable alarms: you can choose to display the alarm limits for Sp02 and the pulse rate
  • When running in continuous mode, the memory allows the storage of 96 hours worth of data for one single patient
  • In spot-check mode, it verifies and supports a storage memory of 4.000 data sets for at most 99 patient IDs.
  • Real-time patient data export to a PC with infrared technology
  • Running on either Lithium-ion or AA alkaline batteries, according to your needs.
  • Selectable standby and auto shutdown mode for the preservation of the battery


Pulsoximeter PM-50

PM-50 is a miniature device, light, designed exclusively for the spot monitoring of SpO2 and of the pulse. Weighing less than 200g this device is easy to be transported, and easy to be stored and equips you with exactly what you need in order to do what you have to do. Chose PM-50 and you shall have accuracy, efficiency and intermittent monitoring of a large spectrum of patients.

ÎIn addition, this powerful device is easy to maintain and needs only four AA batteries for up to 15 hours of operation. More comfort and ease of use means more time to concentrate on your patients.

  • Suitable for adults, children and neonatal.
  • Measures the pulse and Sp02 at a given moment, in any second
  • Miniature design, impressively easy, making it easy to use in any place
  • LCD display for Sp02 and pulse view, and display of the pulse signal intensity indicator
  • Other useful indicators shown on the LCD display include the ID of the patient, the battery life indicator, the storage of data, the error status and the standby mode
  • Warning signals for full memory, full ID list, storage, battery charging, small and general error situations, and low battery warning are available, allowing for simple and fast troubleshooting.
  • The memory can contain 200 data records for at most 100 patients´ IDs.
  • PC connection by means of a standard communication, for the download and print of the trend data
  • 4 alkaline AA batteries or accumulators offer 15 run time hours
  • The standby and automatic shut down modes help for the preservation of the battery
  • The Power-off button has a delay of 2 seconds in order to avoid accidental shut-downs



  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Golden Sponsor Diploma
  • Diploma Sponsor de Platina

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