Surgery lamps


HyLED Series 9

Created by using the state of the art LED technology, the HyLED series offers an excellent light efficiency, a heatless light and an incredible long operation time, providing a total support in the operating theatres.

  • The LED-based light source with an excellent light efficiency, heatless (we guarantee a maximum of 1o C difference at the level of the surgeonĀ“s head)
  • SAutomatic control system for the lighting. If the area is blocked by the surgeonĀ“s head, the lighting in the remaining areas is automatically amplified in order to maintain a coherent central lighting.
  • Incredibly long operation time, up to 40,000 hours
  • Ergonomic design in the form of a "cross", which do not perturb the laminar flow systems.
  • System HD recording device HD 2,000,000-pixel


HyLite Series 6

Guaranteed shadow-free light. In comparison with the multi-bulb traditional surgery lights HyLite produces light with a perfect reduction of the shadows by using a single bulb attached to a parabolic reflector, consisting of thousands of facets, which operate as miniature mirrors. Each facet receives the light and projects it on the operation area. The light rays, which are projected by every facet, make up a light column, which has a uniform projection on each corner of the surgery area, thus ensuring a shadow field, even if a surgeon stands upright directly under the light.

  • HyLite generates minimum disturbances in two ways: firstly it is equipped with a good outer surface which hides the handles; secondly there is such a small amount of energy consumed, so that the heating effect on the outer surface is extremely low.
  • HyLite uses a state of the art reflector in order to produce a perfect light column with a lighting depth of up to 1.200 mm (L1 + L2, as defined by IEC 60601-2-41).
  • HyLite has two identical bulbs, one in use and the other as a replacement. In case the bulb in use fails, HyLite shifts to the spare bulb in 0.2 seconds and moves it in operating position. A surgeon does not perceive any difference in the lighting core or in the light field.



  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Golden Sponsor Diploma
  • Diploma Sponsor de Platina

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