Rombiomedica - Importer of medical equipment


Rombiomedica is a Romanian company that was established back in 1996 and that, thanks to the innovative spirit of its specialists and to the in-depth knowledge of the medical devices and equipment industry, now holds a leading position on the domestic market and turns out a constantly growing annual trend. The regular business is supported by a team of approximately 100 employees.

Rombiomedica has built a large consolidated product portfolio over the past years, sparing no diligence to meet the requirements of physicians and always taking into account the proposals meant to simplify the choices surgeons are supposed to have in their operating rooms and to improve the life quality of the patients.

We are the official representatives in Romania of over 20 international medical companies but we also have also a domestic production of medical equipment with class "cleanroom" standard.

Our mission is to offer complete solutions to the Romanian medical environment.



  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Golden Sponsor Diploma
  • Diploma Sponsor de Platina

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